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Kelgai Ann is a waterlilly in shades of pink to white and blush. They remind me of a peony and one of the most unique dahlias I grow. 


Listings are for one tuber with a viable eye. Shipping will begin in April-May of 2024 once the fear of frost has passed. We only ship within the U.S. Any address change needs to be made before shipping starts. We will not be combining orders. Any return packages because of an incorrect address will be charged a second shipping fee. Farm pickup order will all be available April 14th from 10am-4pm. If you can’t make it for pickup April 14th please have your order shipped. We are not responsible for any tubers left in the mail box/outside that may have froze, for improper handling, improper storage, improper planting, or factors out of our control once tubers are shipped. We pride ourselves on providing viable healthy tubers and do our absolute best when dividing, packing, and shipping.  If you have a concern with your tubers you must to contact us within 3 days of delivery to resolve any possible refund. After 3 days we will not be providing refunds. By purchasing any listed tubers are you acknowledging and agreeing to how we personally run our dahlia tuber sale. 

Kelgai Ann

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