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Seed will go on sale 3/17 at 9am.

Growing dahlias from seed has become wildly more popular over the last handful of years with new dahlia hybridizer jumping into the dahlia scene. When you grow dahlias from seed vs. tubers you get a new variety that will be one of a kind. Here at Cattle & Cut Flowers our focus is on wedding floral and need to know what colors we are growing. So growing from seed doesn’t work for our goals. But lucky for you we are sharing our dahlia seeds! These seeds are special because they came right from my bride high tunnel. What does that mean? That means the plants were isolated away from the field dahlias and cross pollination was done between my most useful favorite dahlia varieties! I do not grow any singles, anemones, or collarettes so my hope for these dahlia seeds is to have the parent plants passing their highly sought after genetics to these seeds. Please send photos and tag me during the summer when these bloom, I would love to see how they turn out!


Each packet will have approximently 15 seeds.

Dahlia Seeds - Bridal Tunnel

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