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This class is for anyone who wants to master the art of growing dahlias...


You will dive deep on all there is to know about waking your tubers, multiplying your stock, taking cuttings, planting dahlias and more... 


In the spring Dahlia 101 Class we cover all things dahlias with a hands on taking cuttings and planting tubers. We will also cover digging, dividing, storing, harvest, dieases, and where to source dahlia tubers. This is a class for anyone who want to expand their knowlege of growing dahlia for an amazing cut flower garden! 


Space is limited for class to keep them small, hands on, and to be able to answer all your questions in depth.


Members of the dahlia classes will get early access to a VIP in person dahlia tuber, cuttings, and cut flower seed sale on April 26, 2023 5pm-7pm and also early access to the online sale March 17th. This will give you the chance to shop the "unicorn" dahlias without the stress of online sales. Public dahlia sale will be April 27th. 


Please dress weather appropriate for planting dahlia tubers. 


Tickets Non-Refundable. 

Dahlia 101 Class April 20, 2024 11-2PM

Excluding Sales Tax
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